Trust WB-1400T webcam on Ubuntu

Posted by Arkham on February 27th, 2008

Download the source here.

Now open a root terminal and create the folder:

mkdir -p /usr/src/modules

Move the package to the new folder and move into it:

mv <gspcav1_package> /usr/src/modules
cd /usr/src/modules

Extract and move into it:

tar -xzvf <gspcav1_package>
cd <gspcav1_folder>

Compile and install:

make && make install

Remove eventually previous version of the module and load the new one:

modprobe -r gspca && modprobe gspca

Plug-in the webcam, and you should see something in dmesg.
Now you can just test with

mplayer tv:// -tv driver=v4l:width=352:height=288:device=/dev/video0

or using programs like xawtv, camorama, amsn or skype. Have fun ;)

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8 Responses to “Trust WB-1400T webcam on Ubuntu”

  1. balda Says:

    that’s the tutorial I was looking for :D

  2. faber Says:

    great!! thank you very much !

  3. dark Says:

    1) emerge media-video/gspcav1
    2) have fun


  4. Arkham Says:

    Not exactly, gentoo was affected by the same bug ;)

  5. marco neri Says:

    jesus…. any cam available on the market without doing all these things?

  6. Arkham Says:

    Actually, this is a rare problem and with the current kernel (2.6.28) everything works out of the box ;)

  7. pauler Says:

    I also profited from your well-done manual.
    cheers, mate

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