Latex disadvantages

Posted by Arkham on March 9th, 2009


LATEX also has some disadvantages, and I guess it’s a bit difficult for me to find any sensible ones, though I am sure other people can tell you hundreds ;-)

  • LATEX does not work well for people who have sold their souls . . .
  • Although some parameters can be adjusted within a predefined document layout, the design of a whole new layout is difficult and takes a lot of time.
  • It is very hard to write unstructured and disorganized documents.
  • Your hamster might, despite some encouraging first steps, never be able to fully grasp the concept of Logical Markup.

From the “The Not So Short Introduction to LATEX

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  1. dark Says:

    I think I agree completely with her… him! – whatever.

  2. Mat_Jack1 Says:

    thanks for the pic!