Trust WB-1400T on Archlinux

posted by Arkham on October 16th, 2009


Run as root:

modprobe gspca_pac207

Enjoy :)

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posted by Arkham on October 26th, 2008


Today I’ve started to write some PKGBUILDs for the linux distribution that I use, Archlinux: a PKGBUILD is a small script that works with the makepkg utility. It automatically downloads the source of the program, verifies the md5, configures and compiles it creating a new package, ready to be installed with pacman. It looks like gentoo’s emerge. It’s cool ;) Anyway, at the moment I am maintaining four packages and I am kinda enjoying myself. Let’s see if it will last :D


Open sopcast links on Linux

posted by Arkham on October 18th, 2008

SopCast is a simple, free way to broadcast video and audio or watch videos and listen to radio on the Internet. To install it:

$ yaourt -S sopcast

Now go to and find a sopcast link for the event you want to watch.

$ SOPLINK=sop://
$ /usr/bin/sp-sc $SOPLINK 3908 8908 > /dev/null &
$ mplayer

Ta da!


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Qt4 apps Look and Feel on Gnome

posted by Arkham on October 4th, 2008

There are so many applications that depend on qt in my system (among others skype, vlc, opera, picard and virtualbox) that I decided to remove all the statically-compiled-against packages and just install the library and normal packages; this gave me also the chance to find a better way to integrate qt apps in a gnome-based desktop environment.

The problems that I noticed were that all the fonts looked really tiny and the overall look of the application was kinda poor, so I took a look at the binaries included in the qt package:

arkham ~  $  pacman -Ql qt | grep bin
qt /usr/bin/
qt /usr/bin/assistant
qt /usr/bin/assistant_adp
qt /usr/bin/designer
qt /usr/bin/linguist
qt /usr/bin/lrelease
qt /usr/bin/lupdate
qt /usr/bin/moc
qt /usr/bin/pixeltool
qt /usr/bin/qcollectiongenerator
qt /usr/bin/qdbus
qt /usr/bin/qdbuscpp2xml
qt /usr/bin/qdbusviewer
qt /usr/bin/qdbusxml2cpp
qt /usr/bin/qhelpconverter
qt /usr/bin/qhelpgenerator
qt /usr/bin/qmake
qt /usr/bin/qt3to4
qt /usr/bin/qtconfig
qt /usr/bin/rcc
qt /usr/bin/uic
qt /usr/bin/uic3

I tried with qtconfig and it solved the fonts problem, but the default styles still looked really bad; luckily, I found a project called QGtkStyle, that lets you use a gtk-rendered qt style, thus giving a native appearence for qt apps running on gnome. To install it, make sure to have qt4.4 and gtk2 installed correctly, then:

svn co "svn://"
cd gtkstyle/
qmake && make
sudo make install


yaourt -S qgtkstyle-svn

Now, from the qtconfig menu you can choose a new style called GTK, and I can assure you that this one looks really nice. Have fun ;)

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Archlinux Ettercap GTK b0rk3n

posted by Arkham on May 15th, 2008

Yes, it’s broken.

arkham ~  $  ettercap-gtk 
ettercap-gtk: error while loading shared libraries: 
cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

ABS Solution:

mkdir -p ~/builds
cp -r /var/abs/extra/ettercap-gtk ~/builds
cd ~/builds/ettercap-gtk
makepkg -c
pacman -U ettercap-gtk-NG_0.7.3-2-i686.pkg.tar.gz


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