MIA: Firefox titlebar icon

posted by Arkham on May 30th, 2008

I just installed firefox3 beta and I realized that the little icon in upper right corner of the application (the titlebar) had just disappeared leaving a pretty sad spot in my eyesight.
After symlinking a hundred of different images in $FIREFOX_DIR and /usr/share/pixmaps I finally discovered the right one:

cd /opt/mozilla/lib/firefox-3.0/
mkdir -p chrome/icons/default/
cp icons/default.xpm  chrome/icons/default/default.xpm

If the same problem happens while you’re using the normal Firefox just change /opt/mozilla/lib/firefox-3.0 into /usr/lib/firefox ;)

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How to open http links in your emails with Firefox

posted by Arkham on March 27th, 2007

If you want your Thunderbird open http links in Firefox and not with Epiphany or Konqueror do:

  • Go to your ~/.mozilla-thunderbird/ folder
  • Go to your profile directory (usually it has a random generated name like 7s37jl21.default)
  • Check if a prefs.js file exists in that folder
  • Create a new user.js file; if it does exist skip this step
  • Open it with your preferred editor (like vi, emacs, nano, kate, gedit …)
  • Type in the following line:
  • Save & exit.
  • Restart Thunderbird.
That’s all :)

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