The Dark Side Of The Moon

posted by Arkham on January 16th, 2007

Renegade Studios Sig Of The Week Contest. Theme: Light.


The theme was light, and the first image that came across my mind was the cover of the Pink Floyd’s album, so I thought about another photomanipulation. But the original prysm was kinda poor, so I made it sparkling as a diamond; and I added some flowing streams too between the different colours to make it look more dynamic. I know it’s pretty simple, but it looks good to me :D

The Pink Floyd’s cover says “Hey, don’t let the common light fool you, it seems transparent but it has all the colours in it. A single prysm can help you to let the colours flow out”; these colours, “Any colour you like“, symbolize the dark side of our soul, that always remains hidden and never shows up under our conscious eyes, and it’s the deepest and most true part of our personality, that is the one who fascinates and scares the hell out of us at the same time…

Like the dark side of the moon, which is not illuminated by the light of the Sun and thereafter it is invisible to our sight, our dark side is never illuminated by the rays of the conscious Mind, and we could even live a whole life without ever imaginating that it exists. But there in the deep, lies what is our engine, what is the real reason of our actions, what makes us fall in and fall out of love randomly, what makes us forget the names, the keys or the dates, and there lies our true self, our only twin that we always bring with us but rests in the dark.

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Freezing Frenzy

posted by Arkham on December 18th, 2006

Renegade Studios Sig Of The Week Contest. Theme: Holiday.

Freezing Frenzy

My idea for this sig was to make some iced builiding, something like a frozen palace; unlike the routine of our frantic life, holidays give us the chance to freeze the things we have to do, the people we have to meet and the places we have to go. Everything freezed. For a while. At least for a short whisper of time. And when the holiday ends, the sun will come out and melt the ice: we’ll be back in our dear, beloved frenzy :D